Modpool Shipping Container Pools

Relocatable and convertible with a shockingly quick set-up time, Modpool Shipping Container Pools are intriguing alternatives to traditional pools. They rely on the strength of the container to help hold in water while offering unique features like side windows. A divider can quickly convert it from a single pool into a hot tub combination, the powerful heater can increase the temperature by 86º in a single hour, an Ultraviolet system keeps the water clean, and the entire unit, including the heater, jets, and lights, can be controlled from your phone. Best of all, it can be up and running just minutes after its placed, making it ideal for those who decide they want a pool for the summer at the last minute.

  • Tesla Solar Roof

    One of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of solar panels — aside from the initial cost — is the way they look. The Tesla Solar Roof lets you enjoy the renewable benefits of solar without strapping industrial-looking boxes to the top of your home. They hide an efficient solar cell beneath a colored film and a sheet of tempered glass, letting your house look like a normal house while generating electricity from the sun, storing it in an optional Powerwall 2 battery and drastically reducing — if not eliminating — your utility bill. Available in four styles to complement a variety of homes: tuscan, slate, textured, or smooth.

  • Gate Smart Lock

    Combining the convenience of a smartlock, the assurance of a keypad, and a built-in camera, the Gate Smart Lock aims to be the only security product you need for your entryway. It installs easily, replacing your existing deadbolt, and offers multiple ways to enter — via electronic key, a pincode, or physical key. Thanks to the motion-detecting camera, you can see and talk to whomever is at your door, giving instructions for deliveries or remotely unlocking the door for friends and family. And since it connects via WiFi, you can control it not only with the companion app, but also with your voice using Amazon Alexa.

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