Moga Ace Power Controller

Games on the iPhone are great, and they only seem to get better — but controlling a game by tilting, shaking, and occasionally poking at a glass screen leaves something to be desired. With the Moga Ace Power Controller ($100), you get all the controls you're used to with console gaming, without sacrificing the convenience and portability of your phone. The controller expands to cradle your phone, and collapse back down to a small size to fit in your pocket or bag. It features dual analog sticks, a directional button, four action buttons, as well as left and right bumpers and triggers. Best yet, the controller also doubles as an extra battery pack, letting you keep a charge while you play. Compatible with all fifth generation iPhones and iPod touches.

  • Surface Tension Arcade Tables

    Ditch that boring coffee table in your living room and replace it with one of the Surface Tension Arcade Tables ($3,000-$6,000). These arcade and entertainment systems come installed inside hand-built tables, with wood veneer available in a number of finishes, and a discreet, darkened glass cover. They come with built-in arcade-style controllers, and come packed with classic arcade games. Choose a higher-end model if you want yours to also come with a Windows 7 Home-powered PC, Sonos Connect, and the ability to connect to your HDTV.

  • Sony Playstation 4

    Unlike its biggest competitor, the Sony Playstation 4 ($400) isn't a one-room-entertainment system. Sure, it has all the things we expect from a next-generation console: a blazing-fast processor, lots of memory, and killer graphics (thanks to an 8-core x86 chip and 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM). And it has all the video services you'd expect, though it won't connect to your cable, or respond to gestures and voice commands. But it does have something, in addition to the cheaper price point, that Playstation fans and maybe some converts will love. Sony places none of the restrictions on used games that its competitor enforces, and it doesn't require you to be online to play. We like that a lot.

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