Moleskine App

Moleskine App

Knowing that it's only a matter of time before the smartphone completely replaces the notebook for most people, Moleskine's done the only logical thing it could do: it's made an app. The Moleskine App (Free) acts like a virtual library of the company's celebrated notebooks, with your choice of plain, ruled, or squared paper, you can write and edit text notes, sketch, insert and store images, geotag notes, and share your thoughts via email or online.

  • FLUD

    RSS made sexy. FLUD (Free) is a deliciously-designed news reader for the iPhone and iPad that reinvents the goodness-gathering power of RSS. Now available in two versions, the FLUD apps sport a highly-graphical interface, slick in-app browser, Google Reader integration, offline reading (iPhone version), and a bunch of social-sharing features to help spread the word on stories, videos, and pictures of interest. FLUD is definitely our new favorite iSoftware, and not just because Uncrate and Devour are both included as sources (well, it didn't hurt).

  • Word Lens

    Unless you're totally fluent in multiple languages, odds are you're going to need a translation book for your globe-trotting trips. Or, you could just download Word Lens (Free; $5 for language packs). This ingenious app translates whatever it sees through your iPhone's camera in real time, letting you decipher signs, fancy menus, or just figure out what the packaging on your favorite Mexican salsa actually says.

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