Moment Lenses

We love our smartphone cameras. And while we sometimes wish they were a little more versatile, there's nearly always been some issue with the available add-on lenses — either requiring a bulky case, or requiring no case at all, or otherwise using some shady adhesive that we wouldn't trust on the outside of a lunch pail. Moment Lenses are different. Designed for iPhones 4 and up and Galaxy S2s and up, they use a thin, case-friendly adhesive metal strip for an attachment point, a bayonet-style mount, and quality optics to give your device both wide-angle and telephoto powers.

  • Logitech Powershell Controller

    You know by now that your phone is way more than just a phone — in fact that may be the thing you use it for the least — whether you're using it to keep up with Fantasy, message friends, manage your schedule, or pass the time playing games. But when it comes to the latter, it could always be better, and with the Logitech Powershell Controller ($100), it can be. It takes your phone, which is already a pretty good gaming device in its own right, and upgrades it, adding a directional pad, button cluster, and shoulder triggers so you don't have to sit there poking at a multitouch screen. And with a built-in battery, it also charges your phone while you play, so you won't have to worry about it dying in case you need to actually take a call.

  • Cobra iRadar

    Just because you have a lead foot, doesn't mean you ought to be spending your life savings on speeding tickets (not to mention all the points you've probably accumulated on your license). With the Cobra iRadar 900 Atom Radar Detector ($200), you can avoid all that hassle while still taking advantage of the occasional open road. In addition to your typical radar detector functionality — stuff like the ability to detect all radar and laser guns in use — you get the benefit of their easy-to-use iOS app. Data from other users in the iRadar community compiles into their cloud servers, letting you instantly access information about speed traps on your device. It also plots traffic, red light cameras, and features a convenient car finder on their map-based interface.

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