Momentus Swing Trainer

Momentus Swing Trainer

If you're golfing game is anything like ours, it can use all the help it can get. Help yourself build muscle memory and keep your swing on the correct plane with the Momentus Swing Trainer ($75). It features a specially weighted head to give you a better understanding of where the clubhead is throughout your swing, and can also be configured with a training grip to help keep your hands in the right position. It may not get you to shoot like the pros, but it should help you win that $5 a hole game you play with your buddies every weekend.

  • Soldius Solar Charging Golf Bag

    You're looking at the world's first golf bag with a built-in solar charger. It uses 100 percent solar energy, charges your cell phone in about three hours, and can be ordered with an adapter for your iPod. While we're sure we want to keep the tunes blasting during a round, we're not certain we want the boss to be able to reach us by phone. In addition to this sleek white nylon model ($230), there's also a black leather one ($800) and a black/orange nylon bag ($270).

  • Baseball Bowling Ball

    This unique bowling ball from Storm's Sports Series lets you combine America's favorite pastime with America's most popular indoor sport. In addition to the baseball bowling ball ($80), there's also balls made up to look like a golf ball, basketball and soccer ball. Despite how lame you think the "regulars" down at the lanes are, they'll more than likely appoint you their new king when you whip this thing out of your bag.

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