Money Tree

Money Tree

According to Feng Shui masters, this Money Tree ($40) has the power to give you wealth and good fortune. According to us, it will look cool on your desk. So take the chance and buy one — you have nothing to lose and only desk vegetation and an interesting story to gain. It comes in a ribbed celadon Japanese porcelain pot along with the story of the money tree.

  • Cross Ion Pen

    We typically aren’t huge fans of gel ink pens, but the Ion Pen from Cross ($25) isn’t your ordinary pen. There is an assortment of different accessories available for the line of sturdy pens, including lanyards — and the design lets you see the color of the ink inside the pen. Oh, and the pen clicks closed in a way that cuts its height nearly in two, instead of in a way that causes ink to leak all over your shirt pocket.

  • Laptop Tray for Bed

    Every once in a while, it’s more comfortable doing things in bed. Reading, working, listening to music, bon- well, you get the idea. The Lap Dog Tray by designer offi ($100) provides a nice platform for your laptop as well as a place to set your morning food stuffs and the paper. It also is designed for both righties and lefties — but be warned — the more you lay in bed working, the less likely you are to do other things, such as shower, and no one likes a stinky colleague.

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