Montblanc StarWalker Pen

Despite its Star Wars-y name, the Montblanc Midnight Black StarWalker Pen ($TBA) has no allegiance to the force, light, dark, or otherwise. Available in ruthenium-coated Metal or black precious Resin versions, they feature a unique monochrome appearance, 14K gold nibs coated in ruthenium, and a floating Montblanc emblem inside the transparent cap top. Also available in ballpoint and fineliner models. Pass one down to your son.

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  • Wax Seals

    Add your own special touch to personal correspondence with some Wax Seals ($65 and up). Available in lots as small as 25 seals and in 28 colors, these custom seals peel and stick onto your envelopes, giving the appearance of a traditional wax seal with none of the mess. Great for love letters, dead serious business letters, or adding an extra bit of pizazz to your final mortgage payment.

  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen

    Like the Livescribe Pulse before it, the new Livescribe Echo Smartpen ($150-$200) is the perfect gift for the compulsive note-taker. Available in 4GB or 8GB versions, the Echo works with a special notebook to record audio while you take notes, letting you tap on the written sections to hear the audio recorded when the writing took place. Other features include app compatibility, easily replaceable ink cartridges, an OLED display, soft rubber grip, a rechargeable battery, and the ability to draw strange looks when other coffee house-goers realize you're talking to a pen.

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