Montblanc TimeWalker Hemisphere Watches

We've seen watches that show the time in different time zones, but one that shows the time all the way around the world at once? That's new. And that's exactly what these Montblanc TimeWalker Hemisphere Watches ($TBA) aim to do. In addition to the standard 12-hour face showing the local time, these watches feature a flange around the dial bearing the name of 24 cities, each of which represents a different time zone. A 24-hour disc turns at the center of the dial, corresponding to the cities on the flange. Take your pick between the Northern Hemisphere model, which features cities north of the equator as well as graphics showing the various regions using the North Pole as the midpoint, or the Southern Hemisphere model that does the same for the bottom half of the world.

  • Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments

    Whether you like to spend your free time under the sea or far, far above it, these Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments (1,200-1,800 CHF; roughly $1,300-$1,950) are worthy companions. Designed to clip on top of the company's watches but perfectly capable of standing on their own, these digital timepieces feature anodized aluminum cases, sapphire crystal screens, four-button menu systems, and angular cases. The skiing model — dubbed The Rock — measures altitude and has an external sensor for accurate measurement of air temperature, while its scuba counterpart — The Reef — provides accurate calculations of depth, oxygen percentage, and water temperature.

  • 1:Face Watch

    Thinking of buying a new watch? You might as well do some good at the same time. Depending on which model you choose, some of the proceeds from your 1:Face Watch ($40) will go to provide AIDS treatment, support for eight cancer patients, food for 16 children, a charcoal stove, a well in Rwanda, or a free mammogram. As for the watch itself, it's a simple, clean affair, with an alloy frame, silicone band, stainless steel buttons and backplate, a tempered mirror face, and white LEDs that spring to life at the push of a button to show you the time.

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