There isn't much out there that could make mornings more bearable — but Morning ($3) will at least make getting up to speed a little more efficient. This iPad app lets you view all of your important information in one place, including weather, traffic, to-do lists, news, calendars, stocks, and the date and time. It makes all of this information available on one customizable screen, so you don't have to open up eight different apps just to figure out what the day has in store for you. Rearrange the tiles as needed, and choose from five beautiful themes, depending on what you like to wake up to.

  • Crowsflight

    Your smartphone makes for a valuable tool when exploring an unfamiliar city, but data chugging maps apps can really hog your battery, potentially leaving you stranded with a dead device. Crowsflight ($Free) uses the GPS capability on your iPhone to help guide you around town. With it, you can cue up a few destinations before you set out, save them in the app, and use the GPS-only compass to make sure you're headed in the right direction. A distance meter gives you realtime feedback on how far you have to go, so you always know when you're getting close.

  • Thunderspace

    Zone out and relax to the sounds of rain and thunder after a long day with Thunderspace ($1). This iOS app features true-to-life audio recordings of real thunderstorms, all in stereoscopic 3D sound — so it sounds like you're actually listening to a storm outside. The app also features realistic lightning flashes synced with the audio. It comes with two thunderstorms (roof garden and waterscape), and six additional thunderstorms are available as in-app purchases. Each storm recording loops seamlessly and lasts a while, perfect for falling asleep to, tuning out noisy neighbors, or for long commutes.

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