Motion Tennis

Wii Sports, step aside, there's a new game in town, and it's Motion Tennis ($8). With an app available in the iOS app store, all you need to play realistic tennis in your living room is an Apple TV and an iPhone — no need for an additional (rather childish) console. The game uses the magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer on your phone, so that it can accurately interpret your movements without the need for an external sensor. Setup is a breeze too. Just pair your phone with the Apple TV, and play (just don't let go).

  • Mextures

    There are plenty of iOS camera apps out there — an App Store search yields over 12,000 results. While most of these are just a refactoring of the same tired ideas, Mextures ($1) does things differently. Like a lot of camera apps, it includes a library of original textures, including gradients, grunge, light filters, and film scans (70 in total). Unlike other camera apps, it allows you to combine different textures on separate layers, using blending and opacity to create an original style. Once you're happy with your combination, you can save it as a formula to reuse as much as you like.

  • Wake

    We hate getting out of bed in the morning as much as the next guy, so we're always on the lookout for something that makes it more tolerable. The Wake Alarm ($1) iOS app takes the standard alarm clock and turns it into a simple game with an attractive UI. Spin the dial to set your alarm, or swipe to see your saved alarms. When the alarm goes off, you can slap your iPhone to snooze, or flip it over to turn it off. Alternatively, you can shake your iPhone until the alarm stops ringing — just be careful not to throw it across the room.

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