Motorola Skip

While none of you would dare leave your phone unprotected without a security pin, you also know what a pain it is to enter it every time you want to check new notifications. But, for those fortunate enough to pick up a Moto X, that pain will be a thing of the past, thanks to the Motorola Skip ($15). This small clip attaches to your clothing, and with a quick tap of your phone, you can unlock it — no more pesky pass codes. It will come in a range of colors to fit your customized phone, and will also include three Skip dots (which you can leave any place you frequently use your phone, and function the same as the clip).

  • Ubuntu Edge

    Think of the Ubuntu Edge ($830) as a proving ground for next-generation mobile technology — most of the things you see here will likely make their way onto big-name handsets. The biggest of those technologies is convergence: hardware and software that seamlessly transitions between desktop and mobile. All you need to do to use it as a desktop PC is plug it into a display using HDMI, and pair it with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. This is possible thanks to a fast multi-core CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, and a 128 gig flash drive. Other impressive features include the ability to dual-boot between Android and Ubuntu OS, a 4.5-inch sapphire crystal display, stereo speakers, and two LTE antennae.

  • HTC One Mini

    Somewhere along the way the lines between a phone and a tablet became blurry, and our smartphones turned into hulking masses of silicon that barely fit in our pocket. The Android-powered HTC One Mini ($TBA) — at about five by two and a half inches, and just a third of an inch thick — aims to curb that trend. Made from polished metal alloy, the body of the phone fits comfortably into your hand. Dual front speakers, a 720p HD 4.3-inch screen, 16 gigs of storage, and a 1 gig processor make it great for entertainment and gaming.

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