Mouse in a Pint

Mouse in a Pint

If you've got a rodent problem, skip the inhumane traditional mousetrap and give the Mouse in a Pint (£10, roughly $15) a try. This simple, non-lethal mousetrap — designed by Thorsten Van Elten — uses a breadstick attached to a spring to prop up a pint glass. When the mouse enters and begins nibbling, the stick breaks, trapping the little guy (or gal) in the glass. What you do with it after that is up to you.

  • Car Chip Pro

    Want to get more diagnostic info than your car's built-in computer provides? Check out the Car Chip Pro ($120). This deceivingly-simple gadget plugs directly into your auto's OBDII port, recording all sorts of data about your car's performance, your driving styles, and more. When you're ready to review, simply unplug the dongle and connect it to your PC via USB to extract the data. No greasy car repairman required.

  • RedScale Film

    Finally, an easy way to do red scale shooting on an analog camera. Lomography's new RedScale Film ($15/3-pack) takes the guesswork out of this old photographic technique — where shooters would load their film backwards to shoot through the semi-transparent protective layer on the back of 35mm color negative film — by spooling the film in reverse. The result? Pictures with a smooth, funky, and gorgeous red-orange cast, which can be processed at the local drug store. Film camera, you've got some life left in you yet. [via]

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