Movie User Interfaces

The Dark Knight. Kingsman. Skyfall. If you saw a decent action film in the last few years, odds are the interface was designed by the geniuses at Blind Ltd. From screens that serve as nothing more than background filler to shots that convey important plot information, they've become increasingly adept at making each interface unique to the world it inhabits, yet instantly familiar. For their latest project, they faced the challenge of making the screens, knobs, buttons, and blasters of Rogue One feel fresh, yet tie seamlessly in with the comparatively primitive creations of A New Hope released nearly 40 years earlier.

  • Project Utopia

    Part vessel, part island, part sci-fi fever dream, Project Utopia is, as the name suggests, an envisioning of a perfect place to live. Set on four legs that support the upper decks with help from a central pillar, it measures roughly 100 meters across and 100 meters high, giving it outstanding ocean views. All that room is capable of housing hundreds of people, with amenities ranging from swimming pools, a theater, a casino, and a bar to a private docking station, convertible decks, and up to four heliports. Engines mounted on the legs give it the ability to move — albeit slowly — from place to place, meaning it can bring your friends, family, and even distant acquaintances along wherever you roam.

    Photos: Yacht Island Design

  • Scrip Digital Wallet

    There's no doubt cash is quickly becoming a relic of the past. That also means that the triggers in our brain that fire when we have to fork over some green are staying dormant. The Scrip Digital Wallet is meant to bridge the two. This design concept has an LED screen at the top and surface that raises and lowers for different denominations as you flick them outward for use. As a result, you get the same enjoyment from giving and receiving money as you do with cash and the same awareness you get when spending it. No matter how convenient Apple Pay is, it can't do that.

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