Mr. Heater Hero

Short of starting a fire where ever you happen to be, heat isn't the most portable of commodities — as a matter of fact, you normally need to seek out the great indoors to keep yourself comfy on cold winter days. Unless, of course, you have a Mr. Heater Hero ($170). Powered by a standard propane tank and an integrated battery that runs for eight hours without the need to recharge, the Hero provides 35,000 BTUs of heating power, while its QBT burner system makes sure you retain your sanity with 50% less total noise than traditional forced air heaters. Great for the garage, tailgating, or remote man caves/camps.

  • Stadler Form Q Fan

    Let's be frank: most of the time, you don't care what a fan looks like — you just need it to blow some air to cool you down. But for those times when you care, there a few fans cooler than the Stadler Form Q Fan ($200). Crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and designed by Carlo Borer, the Q has legs on only side, allowing its round form to join brilliantly with them to create that most inquisitive of letters. U.S. purchasers, get your 220V adapters ready — no 110V version is available.

  • Bullerjan Furnace

    When it comes to heating a room or house in the dead of winter, who are we to argue with Canadian lumberjacks? The Bullerjan Furnace ($TBA) employs a crazy engine-like design to move air from the bottom to the top vents, heating it on the way by. Meanwhile, the unique design also allows for even burn up and lengthy heat retention, getting the most out of the wood it burns.

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