Ideal for the guy with lots of gear, but not a lot of space, MyLifter gives you storage you never thought you had. This handy device is an app-connected electrical winch that lets you easily hoist just about any kind of gear — bikes, kayaks, canoes, crates, bags — up to the ceiling, getting them out of the way and freeing up your limited storage. Each winch is capable of lifting 50 pounds, but you can combine multiple ones together to double, triple, or quadruple that capacity. Best yet, they work in tandem and sync up with the included iOS app, so you can program in different heights, allowing you to automatically lift anything with ease.

  • Grill Daddy King Tong Pro

    Make singed arm hair, burnt knuckles, makeshift pokers, and puny fires a thing of the past with Grill Daddy King Tong Pro ($35) — the perfect tool for any fire pit or indoor fireplace. At 28 inches long, you can keep at a safe distance while tending the fire, without sacrificing the ability to move everything from small bits of kindling to big smoldering logs. Comfortable grips, an extra handle for when things get really heavy, and durable stainless steel construction mean you'll be able to pick up heavy loads safely, while the heat resistant handle and heat shield give you all the protection you need.

  • Gentleman's Bogota Lock Picks

    Now, we're not suggesting you're up to anything nefarious, but given the proper tools, there are few locks that could keep the determined man from entering. Whether you have a frequent problem locking yourself out of your apartment, or you're getting into something a bit more sinister, the Gentleman's Bogota Lock Picks ($35) are exactly the tools you need to gain entrance just about anywhere. Made to pin discretely under a lapel, collar, sleeve, or hat, these lock picks are light, yet sturdy, made from high-quality, precisely-cut stainless steel — so they'll never let you down in a pinch.

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