Nanda Clocky

Nanda Clocky

The problem with alarm clocks is the snooze button that's just way too tempting on cold mornings. Not so with the Nanda Clocky ($50). If you hit snooze more than once on this little guy, he springs into action and runs away, making you get out of bed to fetch him and stop the alarm. If you feel like cheating, you can always disable the wheels — but really, where's the fun in that? [Thanks, Bryce]

  • iRobot Create

    Build your own beer-fetching robot with the new iRobot Create ($130). Based on the vacuuming iRobot Roomba, this robot kit provides aspiring robogeeks with a platform to create a programmable robot of their own. It comes pre-assembled with access to robot sensors and actuators via an open interface. The iRobot Create lets you develop your own software to control your robot, and has standard connections for electronics and threaded mounting holes for securing all kinds of crap to it.

  • Ecopod E1 Home Recycling Center

    Recycling is an important responsibility for all of us, and anything that makes it easier is okay by us. The Ecopod E1 Home Recycling Center ($330) is a one-stop compaction and collection center for your home. Simply drop your can or plastic bottle in, step on the activator, and your item is compacted and dropped into an enclosed collection bin. Removable bins in the top can hold paper, glass and other recyclables, and the whole thing was designed by BMW Designworks, so you know it functions well and looks great.

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