Used to be, if you had an idea for the next billion dollar app, you'd just sketch it on the nearest piece of paper. Napkin lets you do the same thing, right on your phone. Designed to be quick and nimble, it offers some surprisingly advanced features, including the ability to add layout boxes, icons, text labels, and photos from your camera roll to the canvas, with a grid that keeps everything tidy. It also offers support for layers, uses simple taps and drags for control, and automatically saves your design for later when you close the app. Ideal for app developers, mobile web developers, or design nerds in general.

  • Hooks

    Notifications can be handy. Managing all the apps needed to get them is a hassle. Hooks is here to help. This app offers over 100 different "channels" for custom alerts, including everything from sports scores by team and Flickr updates by user to TV show airings, temperature drops, and even when a website goes down. In total, you have access to over one million different alerts, all manageable in a clean interface. It'll also work with the Apple Watch, so you won't need to get out your phone to know when your favorite company's stock takes a dive.

  • Meerkat

    Streaming video has been around for years. The problem has been finding people to watch what you stream. Meerkat solves this problem by instantly sharing whatever you're filming with all your Twitter followers at once. Followers that have the app will also be push notified when you start a new stream, and can watch, comment, and interact, all in real time. In keeping with the instant theme of the app, you can't re-watch streams — they're live-only — and while you can save your own streams to your phone, the company doesn't keep any copies, either.

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