NASA QueSST Passenger Jet

When the Concorde called it quits in 2003, it took with it the only supersonic travel option we had. An unlikely group is trying to build a new alternative. The NASA QueSST Passenger Jet is based on Quiet Supersonic Technology (hence the name), and would create a sound more like a heartbeat than the traditional, house-shaking boom we're accustomed to while still getting you from point A to point B with remarkable speed. There are no details yet on how many passengers the aircraft might hold, or how high it might fly, but we do know that a team comprised of specialists from Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, and Tri Models Inc. are working on it, and that they hope to start their initial flight campaign in 2020.

  • Smart Mirror

    We've been promised mirrors that deliver our daily dose of morning info for decades. This Smart Mirror brings this promise into the real world. Built by Google engineer Max Braun, it uses a two-way mirror, display panel, controller board, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and a few hundred lines of code to show you the time, date, weather, and a few headlines while you brush your teeth, shave, fix your hair, or whatever else you do in the bathroom each morning. It's still a work in progress, but it isn't hard to imagine this being an in-demand product in the near future.

  • Philips Power Potion

    No, Philips hasn't gotten into the bodybuilding supplement business. Instead, Philips Power Potion is an unassuming portable battery pack for keeping your gadgets charged up. By disguising a 3,000 mAh battery inside a fragrance bottle-shaped soft touch plastic housing, this clever power pack can supply an iPhone 6S Plus with one full charge, no outlet needed. There's an integrated Lightning connector in the top, a micro USB input, standard USB output, and LED power indicator in the bottom, and an aluminum ring around the top that matches the color of your phone.

    Photos: Catherine Wong

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