NASCAR Nextel FanView

NASCAR Nextel FanView

NASCAR is about to begin its 2006 season, and they’ve got a new gadget for fans to play with as well. The NASCAR Nextel FanView (rental only) brings fans that come to the race a new experience, offering in-car video for up to seven drivers, the race telecast, direct driver-to-team radio feeds, the radio broadcast and an exclusive audio-replay feature. While all this stock car geekery comes at a price — $50 a day or $70 a race weekend — it sure beats sharing a regular scanner with a slightly smelly, shirtless guy named “Leroy.” [via]

  • Sony Reader

    This digital device from Sony lets you read eBooks from anywhere on its high-resolution, paper-like display. About the size of a paperback, the lightweight Sony Reader ($TBA; available this spring) holds up to 80 average-size books in digital format and also has Memory Stick and Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card slots. It sports a 6-inch screen, battery life equivalent to roughly 7,500 page turns, and can also store and display personal documents in Adobe PDF format, web content like blogs or news feeds, and JPEG photos. Sony's Connect store plans to offer thousands of downloadable eBooks — fiction and non-fiction, bestsellers, well-known authors, classics and more — along with software to manage purchased eBooks and easily transfer them to the device.

  • Estes Oracle Video Rocket

    If you’re making an indie film and need one of those “first-person bullet” shots on the cheap, look no farther. The Estes Oracle Video Rocket ($120) is powered by model “D” Estes rockets, takes 320x240 video, and hooks up to your computer via USB. Okay, so we’re pretty sure that it’s not meant to be aimed at anything but the sky — it comes with an 18” parachute — but nonetheless, if you try it, we’re pretty sure it looks amazing.

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