Native Campervans

Campervans are ideal for short getaways. They're not ideal daily drivers, so unless you plan on living one, you're spending a lot of money for something that's going to sit in your driveway much of the time. Native Campervans are pre-configured rentals that give you the convenience without the hassles of ownership. Available in two sizes, they offer enclosed sleeping areas, kitchens with sinks and gas stoves, foldaway tables, and everything else you need for a brief adventure. You get 100 miles per day included with the rental and have a convenient pickup/drop-off location just north of downtown Denver.

  • Blue Marble Titanic Expeditions

    Thanks to her final resting place over 12,000 feet below the surface, fewer people have visited the wreckage of the RMS Titanic than have scaled Mt. Everest or been to space. Blue Marble Titanic Expeditions give you the chance to see what's left of this historic vessel first-hand, from inside a specially-designed titanium and carbon fiber sub. The eight-day journeys will begin on the coast of Newfoundland and are designed for just nine passengers, making this a truly exclusive experience.

  • SpaceX Dragon Moon Flights

    You've always wanted to be an astronaut and travel around the moon, but probably never got further than a space flight simulation video game. SpaceX Dragon Moon Flights make those dreams a reality, and won't only be exclusive to the highly trained astronauts that have put in tons of time and energy to prepare. Instead, they're now available for a different elite group — two private citizens who have paid a "significant deposit" to do a moon mission. After a demonstration mission in automatic mode without people on board, lift-off is scheduled to take place from Kennedy Space Center's historic Pad 39A in the second quarter of 2018. The trip would mark the first time in 45 years that humans have voyaged into deep space and it will take them further and faster into the Solar System than any before them.

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