Native Union Charging Docks

Until electricity flows freely through the air to our gadgets, plugging in a cable — or at least plopping our gear on a charging surface — is a fact of life. Make the process look as good as possible with Native Union Charging Docks. These sleek desktop solutions are as minimal as possible, and come in editions specific to the device you're charging, whether it be over Lightning, Micro USB, or, in the case of the Apple Watch, a magnetic circle. Available in a variety of device-matching color schemes.

  • Eero Wifi System

    WiFi shouldn't be that type of four-letter word. With eero, say goodbye to wireless dead zones, annoying buffering, and endless trips to reset your router. One router can't effectively cover an entire home. What you need is multiple access points — placed throughout your home. That's where eero comes in. Just plug your first eero into your existing modem. A simple app helps you place additional eeros; they only need power from a standard outlet. Your eeros automatically and wirelessly connect to form a mesh network that provides fast, reliable signal to every room. Manage your network remotely, or add a guest quickly without the need to remember and give out your password. And to even further distance itself from the loads of ugly routers on the market, eero has a white, minimalist design that won't have you searching for a closet to shove it into.

    Presented by eero.

  • Starry Wi-Fi Station

    Everyone has a wi-fi router. No one knows what to do when they start acting up, save for the old reset-and/or-unplug. The Starry Wi-Fi Station is out to change that. It has a built-in touchscreen that displays each device on your network in its own circle, with larger circles for devices using the most data and red circles for troublesome gadgets. It also lets you set parental controls, see your connection speeds and status over time, and provides 802.11ac performance, with future support for 802.15. Soon enough, you might get your Internet from them, too, with wireless mmWave service — with up to gigabit speeds — launching in Boston this year.

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