Natural Light Candle Co. Firestarters

Natural Light Candle Co. Firestarters

Just in case you were confused by the name, this isn't a company making candles out of Anheuser-Busch's budget beer. Instead, these Natural Light Candle Co. Firestarters ($14) are made from shaved hardwood chips and food grade wax, stuffed into a small paper cup, and ready to turn your wet/damp/soaked wood into a fire that's worthy of a cold beer... just no Natty Light, please.

  • Meyer Home Plow

    Have a longer than average driveway, or live so far out in the sticks that the DOT laughs when you ask if they're going to clear your road? Fight the good fight and plow away the snow yourself with the Meyer Home Plow ($2,600). Engineered for SUVs and light pickups, the Home Plow attaches using a Quick-Link system that lets you attach or detach it in less than a minute with zero tools, and features 14 gauge steel construction, a width of 6 feet 8 inches, and a patented auto-angling system that detects which side of the plow is seeing the most action and angles the blade in that direction for maximum efficiency. You'll never look at your shovel with contempt again.

  • Lloyd Pendleton Hunter Knives

    Available in styles and finishes to fit anyone's budget, Lloyd Pendleton Hunter Knives ($22-$450) are a fine choice for skinning and dressing in the field. Based off of classic Pendleton designs, the lineup ranges from the affordable Pendleton Lite Hunter -- named Field & Stream's Best of the Best for knives in 2010 -- to the artisan Custom Classic, which sports VG-1 San Mai III steel and a polished black linen micarta handle. All four styles include a sheath, lest you wind up cutting your game and yourself. [Thanks, Justin]

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