We've all done it — no matter how vigilant you are about keeping your eyes on the road, you've no doubt glanced at your phone to check on your directions or view an important notification. With Navdy, that will be a thing of the past. This 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display connects to your phone via low-power Bluetooth and presents your navigation info and incoming notifications in a distraction-free way — above your dash, and between your eyes and the road. An IR camera lets you control things via touchless gestures, and thanks to an OBD-II power and data connection, it can give you pertinent info about your car's performance and vitals, too, all without making any modifications to your existing ride.

  • Kinect For Windows

    At this point, we're all familiar with the Kinect, Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral that made gaming on the console less about moving your fingers and more about moving your body (or your mouth). Now, the Kinect For Windows promises to do the same thing for the box that sits on your desk, rather than your media shelf. But in spite of its obvious usefulness in the gaming arena, one of the best things about the Kinect was its hackability — letting developers use it for a range of purposes Microsoft never could have dreamt of — and the Windows version provides the same DIY potential on your PC. But at nearly half the price of the XBox One, you wouldn't be faulted for wondering if the juice was really worth the squeeze.

  • Cruise RP-1 Highway Autopilot

    Why wait around for Google's driverless cars when you can take the driving out of your hands right now? The Cruise RP-1 Highway Autopilot can't get you in and out of the parking garage, but what it can do is completely replace the cruise control in your 2012 or later Audi A4 or S4, using a combination of RADAR, cameras, GPS, and inertial sensors to make sure you stay in your lane, a safe distance away from the car in front of you, and even stop you if you encounter traffic. It does so by controlling the steering, throttle, and braking, getting you one step closer to being able to stare at your phone your whole commute home.

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