Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum

Meet the Roomba killer. The Neato XV-11 ($400) is the only robotic cleaner with a brain. Whereas the various Roomba models bounce, bump and bumble their way around your house aimlessly, the Neato bot uses onboard laser mapping (called the Room Positioning System) that lets it know the best cleaning path to take, quickly finishing one room and moving on to the next in a smart and efficient way. The sucking power is good, it lets you schedule automatic cleanings, and it automatically returns to its charging base like any good robot should.

  • Apple 1

    Own a piece of computing history with this Apple 1 ($160,000 and up). This classic computer may not be all that useful, but it and that materials it comes with -- including an invoice dated to December 1976 with the infamous $666.66 price listing, a letter to the customer signed by Steve Jobs, a copy of Basic on cassette, the owner's manual with Apple's original logo on the cover, and even the box it shipped in — are worth far more than their functionality would suggest. Of course, you'd probably be better off just spending the money on Apple stock, but if you've got over $100K to drop on a basically useless computer, odds are you're already doing okay.

  • Energizer Jumpstarter & Air Compressor

    Wintertime is nearly here, and with it comes the prospect of getting stuck somewhere with a flat tire or dead battery. Consider the Energizer Jumpstarter & Air Compressor ($135) your insurance against such a debacle. It features a 12V, 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery with an external charge indicator and a 12V internal charger for charging it up, a 250 PSI internal air compressor with pressure gauge that can inflate most auto tires in 10 minutes, two 12V DC and one three-prong AC power socket, and 4 gauge cables with a 29-inch reach, 400A insulated battery clamps, shortened clamp and reverse polarity audio alarms, and a clamp docking station in the handle. Blankets, flashlights, and a flask of belly-warming bourbon not included.

    This post is brought to you by Goodyear. Click here to learn more about Winter Reactive Technology from Goodyear.

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