Nerdcore 2009 Calendar

Nerdcore 2009 Calendar

The ultimate geek pin-up calendar is back for the third year in a row. The Nerdcore 2009 Calendar ($25) includes plenty more oversized adult sci-fi-themed photography, along with plenty of important dates, including both regular holidays and nerdy events like Comic-Con, movie releases, anniversaries for major franchises, and more.

  • OneLessDesk

    One-piece desks are a thing of the past. The OneLessDesk ($650) proves this point by utilizing two separate decks to maximize space and ergonomic comfort. The upper deck provides a large surface designed to hold your monitor, docks, and other accessories, complete with intelligent cord management and a hidden shelf to hold large external hard drives, unsightly power bricks, or even a Mac Mini-sized PC. The lower deck, which at 25.5" tall slides perfectly underneath the upper deck, provides an ergonomic work environment, with space for your keyboard, mouse, and other hands-on tools. The best part? It looks even better than it sounds.

  • Bubble Calendar

    It's about time someone combined a calendar with the satisfying pop of bubble wrap. Set in spectacular Helvetica Neue, the Bubble Calendar ($30) is a 48"x18" mammoth that features a single bubble for everyday, letting you mark the passing of time in the most fun way possible. Days of the week and all major US holidays are marked, with weekends bolded for quick reference — as if we need reminding.

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