NES Hard Drives

NES Hard Drives

Hide your precious data inside the unassuming casing of a video game classic with NES Hard Drives ($130-$180). Available in capacities up to 1TB, these 2.5-inch Toshiba drives feature USB interfaces, all stuck inside games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, or everyone's favorite code-driven shoot 'em up, Contra.

  • Amazon Kindle 3

    Speaking of gadgets that have been usurped by Apple's do-it-all digital dynamos, the new Amazon Kindle 3 ($140/Wi-Fi $190/3G+Wi-Fi) lowers the price of entry while adding new features and removing others. The cheaper model ditches the free, built-in GSM 3G networking for Wi-Fi — the former's still found in the more expensive model — but features a faster six-inch e-ink display with higher contrast, a new graphite color, a new leather cover with integrated LED light, a new "experimental" WebKit-based browser, and double the storage with half the cachet.

  • Apple Battery Charger

    Maybe Apple really is becoming the next Sony. The Apple Battery Charger ($30) might be the most random CE product released by Apple this millennia, leveraging the company's super-small iPad/iPod/iPhone wall charger to service six included NiMH batteries, which contain magical™ properties that allow them to last for 10 years while retaining a crazy amount of charge. Just don't tell the great Jobso that they also work well for powering those dastardly Wiimotes.

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