NES Harmonica

If you're old enough to have owned an NES, you no doubt have memories of foolishly blowing into game cartridges in the hopes that it would allow them to play without forcing some sort of improvised wedge into the console. NES Harmonicas ($20-$35) take advantage of this nostalgia by installing Hohner harmonicas in the cartridges themselves, letting you play music while reminding you of your wasted youth. As an added bonus, you also get the game's circuit board in the package, so you can actually play the copy of Zelda that sacrificed its housing for your harmonious enjoyment.

  • Chicken Ark

    Go green and get fresh eggs for free with help from the Chicken Ark ($500). Handcrafted from renewable Douglas Fir timber, each ark provides space for up to four medium laying hens, and offers them a covered run, elevated roost, and separate nesting box — all the tools they need to leave you with nutritious eggs that are both better and cheaper than the one's you'll find at the local supermarket, while keeping your grass trim as a bonus.

  • PermaFlow Never-Clog Drain

    There's nothing quite as annoying — or gross — as a clogged drain, which is why we're considering the PermaFlow Never-Clog Drain ($20) in the Uncrate HQ mens room. Made from clear ABS plastic and synthetic rubber, the Perma-Flow attaches easily to standard kitchen and bath drains, and features a unique, integrated drain-clearing wiper that helps you move clogs on down the line, and stops lost items from venturing past the point of no return. Plus, by removing the need for excess amounts of Liquid-Plumr, you're also doing the environment a favor at the same time.

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