Nest Protect

We've all been there — stabbing violently with a broom stick at the annoying, chirping puck on our ceiling, trying to silence it — but a smoke alarm shouldn't be a nuisance, it should passively keep you safe without worrying about it. The Nest Protect ($130) won't drive you crazy, but it will still keep you safe. It features a glowing status ring (green means everything is okay, yellow gives you a warning about a potential problem, and red means there's an emergency), real voice alerts, and an interactive sensor that responds to the wave of a hand, letting you dismiss alerts if you burn your dinner. Set them up throughout your house and instantly access the status of various rooms from your smartphone or tablet, or use them to automatically light your way at night with the pathlight feature. Best of all, it interacts with other Nest devices, keeping you safer without you thinking about it.

  • Field Notes Drink Local Notebooks

    Whether you like to jot down notes about all the craft beers you enjoy, or you just find inspiration at the bottom of a pint glass, Field Notes Drink Local Notebooks ($10) were made for you. These 48-page notebooks come in packs of three, wrapped in a cardboard carrier, and include a letter-pressed coaster for your brew. You can choose between blank, lined, and grid paper, and the notebooks come in beer-themed colors: choose ales (stout, amber ale, and india pale ale) or lagers (pilsner, bock, and pale lager).

  • Petcube

    Even the most attentive pet owners can't be around to look after their animals all day, every day — but with Petcube ($150) you can watch, speak to, and even play with your dog or cat from your smartphone. A wide-angle HD camera gives you a great view of your pet using their iOS app, while a built-in speaker lets you speak to them. A low-intensity laser also allows you to play with your pet through the app, so you can entertain them from far away. This durable four- by four -by four-inch cube is made from aluminum and glass, so it looks great, and with customizable skins and covers, you can make it your own.

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