Newcastle Werewolf Beer

Newcastle Werewolf Beer

If you're an ardent HBO viewer, you might think this is a True Blood tie-in — and while that's not nearly as far fetched as we'd like to believe, it's still not the case. Newcastle Werewolf Beer ($9/6-pack) is instead one of four Newcastle Limited Edition brews, and features an appropriate blood red color, sweet berry overtones, and just a bit of bitterness that make it a perfect companion for your fall activities.

  • Barritts Ginger Beer

    Not to be confused with the original, alcoholic version of ginger beer — or even ginger ale, for that matter — Barritts Ginger Beer ($40/24-pack) has been a Bermudan staple since 1874. It's made from pure cane sugar, and sports a ginger bite that makes it great by itself or in the elusive perfect Dark 'N' Stormy.

  • Batch 19 Beer

    If you're interested in what beer was like before the 18th Amendment ruined a decade of baseball games and barbecue, get your hands on a pint of Batch 19. Based on a 91-year-old, pre-Prohibition recipe (and named for the year 1919, before Prohibition began), this new brew from Coors delivers a "bold, hoppy flavor that is surprisingly well balanced." Batch 19 is currently only available on draft in select speakeasy and saloon style bars in Chicago, San Fran, San Jose, Washington, D.C. and Milwaukee.

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