Nike+ Move

While all your strongest instincts tell you to pack on a few pounds, put on your warmest pair of sweat pants, and just wait the winter out, you can still defy those urges and remain active with Nike+ Move ($Free). Designed exclusively for the iPhone 5s, this app takes advantage of the new M7 motion coprocessor to track detailed information about every type of movement you engage in, throughout the day — all without the need for additional hardware. It charts your movement and gives you points called NikeFuel, letting you compete with groups of friends to see who's the most active. Detailed graphs and charts tell you your most active days, locations where you moved most, and your peak times for movement, even breaking it down by type of movement.

  • Shadow

    Because you forget so much of what you dream almost instantly, at some point in your life you've probably thought it would be a worthwhile pursuit to maintain a journal full of your crazy shut-eye antics. Shadow ($8) takes the idea of a dream journal, and expands on it, making it into a smartphone app. It's part alarm clock, part dream journal, and part cloud-connected application, letting you record your dreams as you wake up, either by voice or text. But, Shadow has loftier ambitions than being just another dream journal. After you record your dreams, certain keywords and data about your dreams are added anonymously to a database, collecting information from a yet-untapped datasource: our collective subconscious.

  • Pixel Press

    If you grew up with side-scrolling run-and-jump video games like Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog, you probably spent a little bit of time imagining what it would be like to make your own. With Pixel Press ($10), you too can create your own video game (without ever writing one line of code). Start with their downloadable grid paper by drawing your own paths, obstacles, moving platforms, spikes, and more. Then scan it into the app using your iOS or Android device — the app takes it from there, letting you test, design, and even play your creation. Once you're satisfied with the game, share it with the world and give others the opportunity to beat your high score.

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