Nike Vapor Irons

Everyone knows that you should try to hit the ball in the center of your iron — that's where the sweet spot is. Strangely, however, that's not the center of gravity. At least, not unless you're playing with a set of Nike Vapor Irons. Developed with input from Tiger Woods, Modern Muscle weighting technology moves the CG to the center of the iron, resulting in more solid hits and improved flight. The Vapor Pro uses it to provide maximum performance, while the Pro Combo uses it — along with a RZN insert — to provide blade-like workability with the power of a distance iron. And for the rest of us, there's the Vapor Speed, which combines the tech with FlyBeam-reinforced hollow cavities in the long irons for maximum forgiveness. We hit all three sets last night over a couple hours, and can't wait to get them on the course. We also asked Tiger for some pointers, but he just laughed, shook his head, and walked away.

  • Zepp Golf Sensor

    Golf sensors aren't a new idea — we've written about a couple of them before — but we've never seen one that didn't need to attach to your club. Until now. The Zepp Golf Sensor hooks onto your glove and communicates with your phone or tablet over Bluetooth, letting you see your swing in 360 degrees, and analyze your club plane, hand path, speed, tempo, backswing position, and, if you put your phone in your pocket, hip rotation. You can also compare your swing with that of a pro, and track your progress over time with every club in your bag. And if you happen to be a multi-sport star, don't worry — the same sensor can be mounted onto a tennis racket or baseball bat so you can track your stats there, too.

  • Fredericks & Mae Darts

    There are a bevy of options out there if you're looking for a new set of darts, encompassing everything from the pitiful plastic "starter" darts included in the boards at Walmart to insane spinning metal projectiles — but few if any can match the style of these Fredericks & Mae Darts. Available in both large and small sizes and measuring 5-8" in length, these high-end darts are made from maple, thread, feathers, lead, and steel, making them a far more elegant instrument than the house darts at the local pub. To complete the set, grab the matching dartboard.

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