Nikon Aculon T01 Binocular

Known for the superior optics in their Nikkor series of lenses, it shouldn't surprise you that Nikon would put together a pair of binoculars like the Nikon Aculon T01 Binocular ($70). This compact pair of binoculars (weighing in at less than seven ounces) is best suited for throwing in your bag when you head to a concert, a ballgame, or a short hike. Available in 8x and 10x models, they feature multilayer-coated eco-glass that helps images appear brighter, clearer, and more detailed. An ergonomic design and fully-adjustable rubber eyecups make them a pleasure to use and carry, even for an extended period of time.

  • Norquay Canoe Paddles

    Whether you hang them in your urban apartment, or in your lakeside escape, Norquay Canoe Paddles ($200) flawlessly combine form and function, lending a wilderness touch to your space. Individually crafted from cherry wood, painted, and varnish-finished for long-lasting durability, these paddles come in a range of gorgeous designs influenced by the outdoors. And, if the idea of hanging a paddle on your walls without ever using it bothers you, they work great in an actual canoe — just don't take them on a long trek through the backcountry. Each paddle comes with a handmade leather harness.

  • Kite Patch

    For most of us, mosquitos are nothing more than a nuisance we have to tolerate when we spend time outdoors — for the rest, a mosquito bite can mean illness, or even death. The Kite Patch ($35) renders people virtually invisible to mosquitos, without the harmful, nasty chemicals found in many of the solutions we use today. These small stickers adhere to your clothing, disrupting mosquitos' ability to detect the carbon dioxide we exhale. Even better, when you buy ten Kites, they'll send ten more to a family in Uganda, where mosquito-born illnesses are more severe than anywhere else in the world.

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