Nikon D5 Camera

It's not for amateurs. It's not even for most professionals. But if you need a DSLR you can push to the absolute limit, the Nikon D5 Camera has you covered. The company's latest flagship is built around a new 20.8-megapixel CMOS sensor delivering a native ISO of 100 to 102,400, extendable to 50-3,280,000 (not a typo). The sensor is paired with an all-new AF system that has 153 focus points as well as its own dedicated processor, a new metering and scene recognition system, and the ability to focus in near complete darkness. Powering all these advancements — in addition to the 3.2-inch XGA LCD touchscreen and 4K video capture — is the EXPEED 5 image processing engine, delivering 12 fps performance with full AE and AF activated. Available in two models, one utilizing speedy XQD storage, and one using the more widespread CF standard.

  • Phase One XF 100MP Camera

    Megapixels are far from the most important aspect of a camera, but they sure can come in handy. Thanks to a full-frame medium format CMOS sensor that's 2.5 times the size of the ones you'll find in typical DSLRs, the Phase One XF 100MP Camera offers an incredible 100 megapixels of resolution without sacrificing image quality. It does so by packing in 16-bit color depth, 15 stops of dynamic range, an ISO range of 50 - 12,800, and the ability to shoot long exposures of up to 60 minutes. All those pixels also mean high sensitivity to movement, so the system builds in vibration tracking and detection as well as an electronic first curtain shutter to help keep the shakes at bay.

  • Movi Live Streaming Camera

    Streaming video is nothing new. Being able to live stream video that doesn't look like it was shot by someone holding a phone, however, is new. The Movi Live Streaming Camera lets you do exactly that by using a compact, capable standalone camera and a powerful companion app. The camera itself uses a 150º glass lens, built-in stereo microphones, and a 4K sensor to capture pro-quality HD video, while the app lets you take a single frame and create multiple shots, make cuts between shots, pan across the screen, use filters to adjust the look, or just activate the automated editing and relax. The standard kit comes with a tripod mount, charger, and microSD card for saving your shoots, while a Pro bundle includes a battery booster with Ethernet and support for USB LTE modems, and a sleek stand made by Konig and Meyer.

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