Nikon LED Movie Light

Flawlessly light your next video project (as long as you're shooting with a Nikon 1 or Coolpix camera) using the Nikon LED Movie Light ($100). The built-in diffusion panel allows it to provide natural, soft light for illuminating your subject consistently without glare. Unlike a standard flash, it constantly emits light, letting you adjust it on the fly while shooting. Remove it from your camera for handheld light from a variety of angles depending on your artistic preference. Available in October.

  • Smartphone Spy Lens

    If you want to discreetly take a photo with your phone, the Smartphone Spy Lens ($20) will help boost your espionage-cred immediately. This somewhat-creepy, periscope-like device attaches to the camera on your smartphone thanks to an included magnetic ring. Internal mirrors let you snap shots at a 90-degree angle, so no-one around you will know what you're taking a picture of.

  • theQ Camera

    Instantly share your photos across social networks — or if you never learned to share, just store them in the cloud — with theQ Camera ($200). Thanks to 3G connectivity (and internal two-gig storage for when you're off the grid) you upload each of your shots to a web-based service called theQ Lab, where you can store, edit, and post photos from any device. Alternatively, with two pushes of the upload button, you can directly share a picture to any networks you've already configured. This small, five megapixel camera is also waterproof, features a built-in diffused LED flash, manual focus wheel, and a fixed lens with an f2.4 aperture.

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