Nima Allergen Sensor

Even if the menu says "gluten-free", it's hard to feel certain that whatever you're ordering when you're dining out is really gluten free. Unless you're packing a Nima Allergen Sensor along with you. This pocketable device lets you load a bite of your food into a test pod, slide it into the device, and in two minutes know for sure whether there's any gluten in it or not. It can detect traces of gluten down to 20 parts per million, and will be available for peanut and dairy testing in the future.

  • Nano-B Toothbrush

    Charcoal is great for grilling foods. Turns out, it's also good for cleaning teeth. The Nano-B Toothbrush has bamboo charcoal particles on half its bristles, leveraging the material's natural whitening properties to give you a brighter smile. The other half of its bristles have genuine gold nano-particles that kill bacteria, both in your mouth and on the brush. All the bristles are cut in a way that rounds their edges, so they're softer on sensitive enamel and gums, and are double-layered, with long bristles to clean hard-to-reach areas, and short bristles for polishing. Travel case included.

  • Hock Design Jump Rope

    If you want to burn calories, tone muscle, and get a great cardio workout, it's still tough to top the jump rope. But the plastic handled ropes from our childhood only last so long, and that's where the Hock Design Jump Rope comes in. Crafted in Germany, this rope makes those used by boxers and school kids look silly, with handles made from American walnut, the rope of Italian leather, and a 4 ball-bearing system which promotes faster turning of the rope and longer durability. Light, balanced, and easy to stash in your bag for a quick workout almost anywhere.

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