Nimbus Personal Dashboard

Information surrounds us at every turn in our daily lives — we're consumed with numbers, whether it's the number of emails we have yet to read, miles we've run that week, or minutes (perhaps hours) we'll spend in traffic on the way to work. The Nimbus Personal Dashboard ($130) gives you a visually intriguing way of displaying all that data, so you can consume it at a glance. In order to set it up, you just pair it with an iOS or Android app, choose which data sources feed to which gauge, and let the dials start turning. Uses for it are seemingly endless, as it syncs with a huge array of services, including your FitBit, your email provider, and your favorite social media sites.

  • LittleBits

    In a partnership with Korg sure to please electronics tinkerers and synth musicians alike, LittleBits ($100 and up) is the perfect combination of DIY circuit-board construction and musical exploration. Each kit — whether you choose the base kit, the premium kit, or the deluxe kit — requires no soldering or programming, all you need to do is plug your circuits together, add found materials, and start playing. The kits also include a 35-page instruction booklet that contains all the details you need to construct your own keytar, synth spin table, noise-making shoes, and much more. Or you can use your imagination to construct the homemade synth instrument of your dreams.

  • Anker Astro3

    No matter where you travel — whether it's for business, or for pleasure — there is one constant concern that fills your mind: keeping all your mobile devices charged so you won't be stuck bored in an airport terminal or on a plane. With the Anker Astro3 ($50), you can worry about more important things (like whether you remembered to turn off the oven, or if you packed enough undies to make it through the trip), while keeping your smartphone and tablet full of juice. Capable of charging an iPhone up to six times, it comes with smart USB ports that detect signals coming from your cords — so it knows exactly how to charge your devices at full speed. With multiple smart ports, you can charge several gadgets at once, or even help out your new friend sitting in the aisle seat.

    Sponsored by our friends at Anker.

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