Nitecore Sens Mini Flashlight

Ever wonder how much power your flashlight might be wasting throwing its full beam at objects that are only a few feet away? The Nitecore Sens Mini Flashlight does not suffer from this problem. Sporting a Cree LED capable of putting out 170 lumens, this tiny light measures less than two and a half inches long, and uses an accelerometer to figure out the angle you're holding it at, and thus how bright to make the light — less power when it's aimed down and you're trying to find your keys, more power when it's aimed horizontally and you're trying to figure out what's making all that noise in the bushes. It also features a waterproof, military-grade hard anodized aluminum alloy body, three brightness levels, a runtime of 14 hours (thanks to its intelligent dimming), and the ability to be used with only one hand or attached to a keychain, so that you'll never be without a light.

  • Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays

    Making the best out of every bit of space on you is an important principle of the everyday carry philosophy — making sure that each thing you choose to bring with you when you leave the house serves a purpose. And with Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays you can take that one step further, turning something with a singular purpose into something truly useful. These collar stays pack a wealth of tools into a small piece, including screwdrivers, rulers, a thread cutter, and a bottle opener. Made to fit most collars, from spread to semi-spread, and built from lightweight, TSA-friendly titanium, you'll never have an excuse not to carry everything you need with you again.

  • Tik Keychain

    We all know that bundles of keys can take up a ton of space in your pocket or bag — but if you think about it, it's not really the keys themselves that take up all the room. It's the top of the keys, and the way the are meant to sit back-to-front. The Tik Keychain rethinks this situation, placing the blades — you know, the important parts — on a bicycle chain, allowing them to fold up small and stay thin while still giving you full accessibility when it's time to open a door.

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