Nixie Tube Clock

Few clocks exude the warm feel of analog technology like the Nixie Tube Clock ($350). This particular model, milled from a solid piece of aluminum, has a great brushed finish, six tubes for down-to-the-second accuracy, and a clean rectangular shape.

  • Sharpie Pen

    We're in love. The Sharpie Pen ($9/6-pack) is our new favorite writing utensil thanks to its quick-drying permanent ink and sharp, clean lines. The first pen from Sharpie, its smudge-resistant ink doesn't bleed through pages and is perfect for note taking. The Sharpie Pen comes in standard black, as well as blue, green and red.

  • Doane Utility Notebook

    These Doane Utility Notebooks ($10/3-pack) have us shelving our Moleskines for good. Combining the best of both note-jotting worlds, the pocket-size (3.5" x 5.5") notebooks have 48 pages that sport both lines and grids, letting you write reminders neatly and draw up legible floor plans for your Man Cave. The notebooks also have a flexible cover that's great for back-pocket use.

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