Nocs NS2 Air Monitors V2

When going to buy a wireless speaker, you normally have to pick your format. Do you want an Airplay speaker? Bluetooth? How about one that streams straight from Spotify? Well, with the Nocs NS2 Air Monitors V2, you don't have to choose, because they support all three. In addition to being a wireless audio dynamo, the V2 also features a sleek, minimal design, a hand-built, rubber-coated MDF cabinet, 3-inch Kevlar-reinforced woofers, and silk dome tweeters. But the best part is what they don't feature: a bunch of wires running all over your house.

  • Motorola Moto Stream

    If you've ever used a Bluetooth speaker adapter, you've likely run into the problem that only one device at a time can control the action — which can be a real bummer if you're at a party and that device belongs to a dude with a penchant for sappy Hall & Oates tracks. The Motorola Moto Stream makes this problem a thing of the past by allowing five devices to pair at once (with tap-to-pair support for NFC users) and letting any one of the five hijack the stream if they're not digging the song. Hopefully your crowd is one that can roll with that, because we're guessing the Icosahedron shape would make it a mean projectile should a disgruntled party goer decide to heave it in your direction when you stop "She's Gone" in mid-solo.

  • LG x Harman Kardon Tone Infinim

    No one likes wires — and we mean no one — especially when they're dangling down your face. So until we figure out a way to easily broadcast audio directly into our jawbones, LG x Harmon Kardon Tone Infinim will just have to do. Compatible with any Bluetooth 3.0-equipped device, these wireless headphones let you talk and listen without dealing with any pesky cords. And with more than 500 hours of standby time, and 14 hours of audio playback, you can listen without having to worry about your next charge. Retractable earbuds keep everything in good shape, while call alerts and vibration let you know what's going on with your device without ever taking it out of your pocket.

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