At this point you're used to gesture control on your devices — your smartphone, your tablet, the trackpad on your laptop — but true gesture-based communication with a device shouldn't rely on placing your hands on a surface. With Nod, gestures are freed from the confines of touch, letting you control just about any connected device by simply moving your hands in the air. By placing the ring on your finger, you can type without ever touching a keyboard, turn down the thermostat using your nest, even play a song on your phone without any physical contact. Made from jewelry-grade stainless steel, and available in a range of sizes to fit your finger, it uses Bluetooth connectivity to interact with a growing range of devices and technologies — you may never touch another device again.

  • Pykmax Guitar Pick

    It's time to take your guitar picking to the next level — and no, we're not talking about taking lessons — it's time to give the Pykmax Guitar Pick a try. It's a new, ergonomic take on the classic guitar pick, with a unique shape that rests in the palm of your hand, letting you forget about gripping and focus on picking. Choose from three plectrum gauges (.6mm red, .88mm green, or 1mm purple) depending on your playing style — each one is molded from delrin with a tolerance of .02mm. With a comfortable fit even after hours of playing, it's the perfect pick for touring musicians who spend night after night playing, or session musicians who spend all their time in the studio.

  • Micro 3D Printer

    Over the past couple of years we've watched as the barriers to entry for 3D printing came down one-by-one — machines grew steadily cheaper, more competition entered the market, software became easier to use — and the Micro 3D Printer is just one more example of that trend. Made to be truly consumer-facing, this 3D printer is small enough to fit on your desk, affordable enough to not put it out of reach of the average tinkerer, and easy enough to use to eliminate the intimidation factor. It's also flexible, with interchangeable components, the ability to accommodate a range of material and filament options, compatibility with most operating systems and software, and an online marketplace where novice designers can download a wealth of objects.

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