Noise Hero

Yes, it looks a little like a science fair project, but make no mistake: the Noise Hero ($90) is no toy. This 4093-based electronic noise maker uses three oscillators, five knobs, eight switches, and one push button to output everything from light, Mario-esque beeps and bloops to grinding, NIN-style growls. As for the low-rent looks? They just add to the charm.

  • P3 Amplifiers

    Overly ornamental vintage amps these aren't. P3 Amplifiers ($300-$5,200) creates great-sounding guitar amplifiers and speaker enclosures by incorporating everything learned over 60 years of tube circuit evolution, using the finest components available, hand wiring every unit, and placing them in military grade aluminum enclosures that make nearly every component fixable and/or easily replaceable, thus ensuring that the amp is around as long as you are.

  • Devium Dash

    We've long thought it was stupid to hook up your iPhone to a car stereo that then makes you use its convoluted control system instead of the iPhone itself. Apparently, so did these guys. The Devium Dash ($290-$340) is a new in-dash car stereo that is built around a faceplate made to accomodate an iPhone or iPod touch, securing it in a CNC'd aluminum and plastic cradle while giving you full access to the touchscreen and all your apps. Other features of the Dash include a double-din body, 50W x 4 output with 2 preamp outputs, and your choice of standard aluminum or anodized black or white finishes. Arriving in July.

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