Noke Bluetooth Padlock

When buying a padlock, you've traditionally had two options: buy a key-based lock and risk losing the key, or buy a combination lock, and hope you can remember the code. Both could potentially end with you wielding bolt cutters. Now, the Noke Bluetooth Padlock gives you a third option. Powered by Bluetooth 4.0, this smart padlock pairs with your phone, letting you open it simply by pressing the shackle — it will automatically sense your phone and unlock. And should your phone die, you can create a custom access code that has you press the shackle in a certain pattern to unlock. It's just one less thing to worry about.

  • Gtar

    Learning to play a musical instrument can be a real pain — especially if you haven't already spent most of your life practicing — but with Gtar, you can make learning to play the guitar just a little bit easier. Made to work with your iPhone, this guitar features a multi-touch LED fretboard that lights up, showing you exactly what to play. Best yet, it's built exactly like a guitar, with genuine strings and working frets, so anything you learn translates directly to the real thing. And with multiple purpose-built apps, you can learn more, create music, and play existing songs, learning to play a guitar has never been so easy.

  • Spy Bolt

    Have something small — cash, microfilm, an SD card loaded with private videos — that you want kept safe and out-of-sight? Hide it in plain view with the Spy Bolt. Based on Soviet KGB hollow bolts, this handy gadget features a secret storage compartment that's nearly half and inch in diameter and almost three inches long, offering plenty of room for covert communications. And should the bolt find its way outside, you rest assured that the contents are safe, thanks to an O-ring seal around the top.

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