Nokero Solar Light Bulb

Nokero Solar Light Bulb

Replace your fire-hazard kerosene lantern with the eco-friendly Nokero Solar Light Bulb ($15). Made from impact resistant plastic, the Nokera sports four solar panels, a replaceable, rechargeable battery, and five LEDs to provide five times the light of a traditional fuel light while using 1/200th the energy. Expect over two hours of light from a typical day's charge, or if you know the party will be going into the wee hours, charge fully for four hours of brightly-lit hang time.

  • Bamboo Bottle

    Unsatisfied with Sigg's sometimes garish designs but thirsting for a eco-friendly, plastic-free water bottle? The Bamboo Bottle ($25) might be just what you're looking for. It's constructed from multiple materials, including a glass interior, BPA-free, food-grade certified plastic for the cap, nut, and bottom, and a main exterior made from bamboo, a material that's as renewable as the water that goes inside. [Thanks, Marcus]

  • Can Cooker

    Feed your troops quickly and healthily with the Can Cooker ($80). This outdoor camping system cooks with steam to keep the food's natural flavors and juices intact, in a large 14"x11" diameter chamber that can feed up to 20 people in just one hour, letting you spend more time focused on the things that matter: like the outdoors, friends, and beer.

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