Nomad Desktop CNC Mill

Forget desktop 3D printers — if you want a machine to help you make truly useful things out of raw materials, check out the Nomad Desktop CNC Mill. Designed for use by amateurs and experts alike, it comes with simplified software to get you up and running that hides the complexity of a traditional CNC. It boasts a machining area of 8" x 8" x 3", a high-power brushless DC motor to power the spindle, accuracy better than .001", and — perhaps most importantly — the ability to work with a variety of plastics, wood, brass, and even aluminum, letting you go from idea to real, actual object in no time.

  • Dropcam Tabs

    Your Dropcam Pro makes it easy to check in on your house or office, thanks to live video streaming. But how are you supposed to know when to check your feed? That's where Dropcam Tabs come in. These movement sensors talk wirelessly to Pro units, can be stuck to doors, windows, and valuables, and can be configured to give you smart alerts about what's been opened, closed, or moved. They're available in white or black, can be used outside, and are a no-brainer add-on for any Dropcam Pro user.

  • Nod

    At this point you're used to gesture control on your devices — your smartphone, your tablet, the trackpad on your laptop — but true gesture-based communication with a device shouldn't rely on placing your hands on a surface. With Nod, gestures are freed from the confines of touch, letting you control just about any connected device by simply moving your hands in the air. By placing the ring on your finger, you can type without ever touching a keyboard, turn down the thermostat using your nest, even play a song on your phone without any physical contact. Made from jewelry-grade stainless steel, and available in a range of sizes to fit your finger, it uses Bluetooth connectivity to interact with a growing range of devices and technologies — you may never touch another device again.

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