Forget toting a cable in your pocket, or worse yet, a bag — with the NomadClip, you'll always have a charging cable with you. How, you ask? Well, the clip is actually a carabiner, with ends that fold out to reveal a male USB 2.0 plug and a either a Lightning or Micro USB plug. It's also built from high-end materials like engineering-grade polycarbonate from Bayer, high-grade steel, and scratch-resistant metal on the contacts. But while it will safely hang from a belt loop or keychain, we wouldn't recommend using it for climbing — after all, where are you going to find a charging station in the wilderness?

  • Razer Junglecat Controller

    Leave it to the people behind the best gaming mice to come up with the best gaming solution for your phone. The Razer Junglecat Controller turns your iPhone 5 or 5S into a full-featured gaming machine, thanks to rugged, slide-out controls including a d-pad, ABXY action buttons, and quick-response L/R bumpers. All of this is built into a case that measures just 20mm thick — keeping your device pocketable — and still allowing for access to all your phone's ports and controls.

  • iStick

    There are plenty of scenarios in which you might want to move something quickly and easily from your iPhone or iPad to a PC, and doing so without bouncing your data off the cloud can be difficult — unless you have an iStick. This clever gadget is the first flash drive to feature a USB port on one end and a Apple-certified Lightning connector on the other, letting you use a companion app for moving files to and fro, as well as play media straight from the drive. It's like a 21st century Zip drive.

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