There's no shortage of iPhone battery packs on the market, but few are as well thought out as the NomadPlus. This smart backup battery sits between your phone's charging cable and the wall wart itself, letting you slide the white pronged square into its black body and connect your charging cord to the other side. Plug it into the wall, and once it's done charging your iPhone, it'll fuel up its internal 1500 mAh battery, giving you a 70% additional charge when you need it the most without forcing you to use a bulky battery case or carry around an extra power brick.

  • GoTenna

    Anyone who's ever had their power go out or seen their cellular service disappear at a sporting event knows how convenient it can be to have a backup way to contact friends in your general vicinity. GoTenna provides exactly that. These backup communication devices pair with your phone via Bluetooth LE, then use low-frequency radio waves to communicate between each other, offering an easy way to share your location or send out a text. There's also end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages, so your security concerns should be few, and the GoTennas themselves are water-resistant and dust-tight, so you don't have to worry if you want to take advantage of them on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor

    We all know that we spend a significant amount of our lives asleep. So why is that why it's normal to track our movement when awake, not many people track their sleep? Well, the Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor is here to change that. Unlike most trackers that need to be worn to be effective, the Beddit is flat, and lives under sheets — meaning it's the most unobtrusive way to keep tabs on your sleep quality, duration, cycles, and how long it takes you to fall asleep, as well as your heart rate, respiration rate, and snoring, all of which you can check out via the slick companion app.

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