Normann Copenhagen Nutcracker

Whether you're fed up with using a design that hasn't changed for generations, or you just like to outfit your kitchen with nothing but the latest gadgets, pick up a Normann Copenhagen Nutcracker ($53) just in time for the holiday season. Unlike the nutcrackers you're used to — awful metallic contraptions that pinch skin and grow uncomfortable with use — this one features an aluminum middle covered in thick, flexible silicone, making it more comfortable to use. It's durable, dishwasher safe, comes in red or black, and is easy to use, so odds are, you won't be going back to that old nutcracker any time soon.

  • Finex Cast Iron Skillet

    If you're not lucky enough to have been passed down an antique cast iron skillet through the generations — seasoned by years of lovingly-prepared family meals — start your own cooking tradition with the Finex Cast Iron Skillet ($125). This is the cast iron skillet reinvented, with an eight-sided design that gives it six separate pouring points, making it much easier to handle. A coiled wire spring handle allows it to dissipate heat quicker, making it easier to hold and move. The interior is CNC machined, making it smoother than your grandma's skillet, so it's less prone to sticking and easier to wipe clean.

  • Camerons Stovetop Smoker

    Get delicious smoky flavor in your meat and fish without the hassle using the Camerons Stovetop Smoker ($33). Made to work over just about any heat source, it works great on your gas or electric indoor range — so you won't have to do your smoking outdoors once the cold weather sets in. Its seamless stainless steel construction holds in the smoke, while cleaning up easily in the dishwasher. At seven by 11 inches, it's plenty big to hold a large piece of meat, or a filet of fish, but still small enough to fit on your stove. It includes a supply of wood chips, a recipe booklet, and a non-stick rack, so you'll be all set to get started.

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