Norquay Canoe Paddles

Whether you hang them in your urban apartment, or in your lakeside escape, Norquay Canoe Paddles ($200) flawlessly combine form and function, lending a wilderness touch to your space. Individually crafted from cherry wood, painted, and varnish-finished for long-lasting durability, these paddles come in a range of gorgeous designs influenced by the outdoors. And, if the idea of hanging a paddle on your walls without ever using it bothers you, they work great in an actual canoe — just don't take them on a long trek through the backcountry. Each paddle comes with a handmade leather harness.

  • Honda Mean Mower

    Anyone who ever said mowing the lawn wasn't fun obviously never cut their grass with the Honda Mean Mower ($TBA). While they sourced the body from a production mower, this machine is all hotrod underneath. Its 309 pounds sit on a custom chassis and suspension, with wheels taken from an ATV. Power comes from a 109 horsepower VTR Firestorm 1,000cc engine, driven through a paddle-shifted six-speed transmission. The best part — it'll hit 60mph in just four seconds, and has an estimated top speed of 130mph. That'll make short work of any yard.

  • Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

    When two barrels don't quite cut it, you need the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun ($1,629). This impressive twelve-gauge shotgun has three 18.5-inch barrels — two side-by-side, and one on top — all fired by a single mechanical trigger. This combination makes for a shotgun that is incredibly fast to shoot, and always reliable. Each barrel has an individual choke, allowing you to have three separately-adjusted chokes in the same weapon. A two-part stock lets you use a full stock, or a short pistol grip, making this a versatile home-defense weapon, and a really fun gun to shoot.

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