Norwegian Banknotes

You might not ever encounter one, but the new Norwegian Banknotes are worthy of attention regardless. Developed using proposals from some of the country's top designers, including Snøhetta, Metric Design, and Terje Tønnessen, they unify the company's paper currency with a sea theme fitting for the country's relationship with the water. The designs are printed on cotton paper, with a literal depiction of a sea-related subject on one side and a pixelated interpretation on the other. Multiple security measures are also integrated into each design, as are a system of short raised lines designed to let the blind and visually impaired sort through the denominations. Norges Bank will begin issuing the new notes this year.

  • TetraBin

    Take a look around nearly any populated area, and it becomes clear that getting people to dispose of trash properly is harder than it sounds. The TetraBin aims to make throwing away your rubbish fun by turning it into a game. A series of sensors inside the bin measure the size and shape of your litter, then trigger the release of a block inside the Tetris-like game shown on the outside of the can via a LED screen. As a result, people are encouraged to throw their trash away, the streets stay cleaner, and the trash bin becomes a meeting place instead of a foul-smelling obstacle.

  • Dragonfly Cyborg

    Drones grow more capable by the day, yet they still pale in comparison to the designs nature has already created. This Dragonfly Cyborg is a perfect example. By genetically modifying dragonfly neurons to make them more sensitive to light, scientists control the insect's flight using a minuscule backpack apparatus. Optical fibers transmit light signals to the dragonfly's nerve cord, letting the researchers not only control but better understand how they hover, dart, and turn with such remarkable precision. Don't worry, though — the creators have no plans on building an army of sentient cyborg insects, excited instead by the underlying technology's potential medical applications.

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