Nova Ties

Inspired by the celestial objects found by French astronomer Charles Messier, Nova Ties let you add a touch of sci-fi to an otherwise formal look. It was the clusters M4, M17, and M108, specifically, that artist Kev Nemelka looked to as models, using different mixtures of paint and chemicals to recreate these far-off formations. Limited to just 39 ties, each one is unique, and measures 2.4" at its widest point.

  • Pintrill Pins

    These metal and enamel micro-sized artworks are equal part social commentary and pop culture comedy. Available in a huge array of designs, Pintrill Pins cover everything from classic emojis and purple drank to Larry David and Kanye's anticipated 2020 campaign, and look great on everything from baseball caps to bags to business suits.

  • Kazbrella

    A good umbrella should keep you dry during a downpour, but the practical accessory hasn't seen much improvement since its inception. The designers of Kazbrella patiently developed their product, focusing on some of the common problems umbrellas have, while maintaining the shape and feel you're already used to. The Kazbrella is drip free — opening upwards instead of down, keeping your floors dry after it's neatly closed. That same design allows you to close it quickly and neatly when you're walking inside or hopping in the car. And since it's double spoked, it will stand up to strong winds, but even if it does blow inside out, getting it back to it's more helpful shape is as easy as a push of a button.

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